End to rumors: Netanyahu has released his iPhone

End to rumors: Netanyahu has released his iPhone

Benjamin Netanyahu’s new phone was unveiled live on the Nazareth channel today (Thursday) during discussions on the budget. Netanyahu, who was photographed preparing for his speech at an isolated stand in Nazareth, had the new device, thus releasing the selected model.

According to the photos, he picked up the new iPhone 12 device from the global Apple company. Considered one of the most advanced primary devices of the current generation, this tool has various features and is considered to be very convenient especially for the technologically challenged people.

As you may recall, Netanyahu refused to own a cell phone for years, even seeing it as a waste of time. In 2014, Netanyahu implicitly addressed the issue of having an advanced mobile phone, and even during an existing shoot “I don’t understand the new world, everyone takes pictures. Is life enough? Everyone takes pictures of everyone”, that’s all they do. “

Netanyahu further told his advisers: “Do not take pictures, live. I lived, did not take pictures. I am the only person who does not have all the electronic devices. I am a free person, you are all your slave devices. You are all slaves.”

Amit Sehgal, a political commentator for News12, explained tonight about Netanyahu’s “level of drama” from his device. “Anyone who knows about Netanyahu’s fear of cyber attacks will understand how dramatic it is,” Sehgal wrote. “At the prime minister’s house in Netanyahu’s time, there was an old Jameer phone that was almost identical.”

Additional angle (Oliver Fiduci / Plus 90)

Netanyahu and the new iPhone (Oliver Fiduci / Plus 90)


Although Netanyahu has not yet roamed around with a personal cell phone, he is considered one of the most influential people on social networks in Israel. He has more than two million followers on Twitter and more than 2.6 million followers on Facebook.

A little about the device that Netanyahu chose to use. Unlike most smartphone makers, Google’s system is based on the interface – ‘Android’, ‘Apple’ is based on its own unique interface ‘iOS’ and is known for its convenience and difficulty in handling. Accustomed to new systems.

The iPhone 12 was launched on October 13, 2020 and is offered in four different models. Various useful features.

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