“Apple” faces a new corruption scandal

"Apple" faces a new corruption scandal

Yesterday, a federal judge said, Apple Respond to all proposed class actions that allegedly violate the privacy of voice-enabled SRI users.

U.S. District Attorney Jeffrey White said attorneys could try to prove that Sri conversations were routinely recorded because of “accidental activity” and that Apple disclosed the conversations to third parties, such as “Reuters” confirmed advertisers.

Voice assistants usually act when mobile device owners use specific phrases called “hot words” such as “hey, sir”.

One Siri user talked to his doctor about “branded surgery” and got targeted ads for treatment, while the other two said discussions about Air Jordan sneakers, Bit Viper glasses and Olive Garden made them get ads. Those items ..

A judge in Oakland, California., Said plaintiffs could bring arguments that Apple violated federal wiretapping and California privacy law, and that it violated the agreement.

On July 1, another federal judge in California said that Google Voice Assistant users, represented by the same law firms in the Apple case, could file a similar lawsuit against Google and its parent company, Alphabet Inc.

Google Assistant is designed for mobile device owners to use phrases such as “Hey Google” or “Okay Google” like Siri.

But the plaintiffs claimed that Google had no right to use their conversations for targeted advertising when the Google aide misunderstood them as “hot words” and called it “false acceptance”.

Amazon faced a similar case against its Alexa voice assistant.

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