Twain Wade sends a message to Rudy Cobert, who is visiting Paris!

NBA legends continue their dream summer … Like Magic Johnson, Dwyane Wade has decided to settle in France. After touring the French Riviera by boat, the legend of the heat flew to Paris for some social evenings, and a message was sent to Rudy Cobert!

Who says “summer” is a “holiday”, and even a “luxury holiday” for league legends! Because if there are so many personalities who don’t need to worry about the health of the world, these are the giant superstars … Michael Jordan For example sick His big boat for more than $ 1 million a week to rent !

Magic Johnson is not the only one who has decided to leave Los Angeles for a few weeks to tour the French Riviera with his family, in a luxury yacht … the NBA stars themselves have not denied anything, and Some come back to the gym and show horrible body changes, Retirees treat themselves to exciting world tours.

This is especially the case with Dwyane Wade, who has to wait patiently for the start of his new heart rights season: Jazz. With his partner Gabriel Union and the rest of his family in Paris, D-Wade did not hesitate to send a short message to Rudy Cobert! The silver medalist at the Tokyo Olympics will not necessarily appreciate …

A few owners of Jazz Paris! Rudy Cobert, next trip at your expense!

Because he decided to do so, Rudy Cobert had to pay his owner, Duane Wade, a short vacation in the French capital! When you look at the places that will be frequently visited by the future Hall of Fame, his stay should not be low cost … Fortunately, with his new contract of 200 million, the tricolor center can accept his boss’ proposal. Then, it will be an opportunity to negotiate a short stay on T-Wade’s boat!

Rudy Cobert knows how to be appreciated by her boss … a short guided trip to Paris and France, and the center can still get closer with Duane Wade!

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