“They banned your trade because it’s going to destroy the league for 10 years”

La superstar NBA des Phoenix Suns, Chris Paul, attentive face au conseil folklorique proposé par Nick Young

In 2011, three teams agreed to a trade that would upset the face of the NBA. The then boss, David Stern, decided to veto one of the most controversial decisions in recent history. Involved in this case, Gilbert Arenas and Chris Paul recently discussed the matter. And this is instruction.

“What?” In the history of the NBA, this chapter will be one of the most memorable. In 2011, lockers, hornets and rockets agreed on the following trades:

  • Lockers get: Chris Paul
  • Hornets receive: Lamar Odom, Kevin Martin, Louis Scola, Goren Trakic
  • Rockets receive: Pav Kasol

Such a deal would allow CP3, then considered the best leader in the league, to team up with Kobe Bryant, who won his 4th and 5th rings, while maintaining a big hat spot.

Too much for David Stern, he keeps his veto and cancels the trade. After failing again and again in the playoffs we know, Paul will finally sign the Clippers. So why such a decision? Most recently, Gilbert Arenas revealed an important element that allows us to better understand the matter: on the sidelines of this exchange, another major deal is about to take place, and this is going to give the lockers an undivided dominance in the NBA.

When it was official, “Damn, what happened? “Don Fagen (Player’s Agent, Editor’s Note) told me:” They said it was unfair. With this trade, there was an agreement between Dwight Howard and Andrexv Pine, which sent Dwight to LA. I was in Orlando. The magic was in the “if you like Dwight, you should take the Arenas deal as well” mode. Except I’m going to be forgiven (a rule was removed in the NBA that allowed a player to cut and pay the rest of his contract without adding the cap in place)

At the end of the day, the lockers are going to have more money, which is why it was removed. Basically, if you had been there (he’s Chris Paul, speaking with the author’s note) and Dwight would have been there, there would have been a Big Three with Cope, and 24 to 30 million left in Cape Space. At the time, the maximum contracts were 12 or 13 million per season. So there were already 3 players, and there was room for 2 more to sign. That would have destroyed the league for 10 years.

Thus Angelinos could create a big 5 with only the stars, which, according to David Stern, would be completely unbalanced in the league’s game justice. A big pity for fans of lockers, even if we understand the position of the boss in this matter …

10 years later, there is a big shadow over David Stern’s famous “veto”, and Gilbert Arenas shed some light. Lakers fans, on the other hand, are even more angry about what they believe is an injustice.

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