Luke White wants to get more playing time

Luke White wants to get more playing time

The New York Yankees returned to winning ways after suffering four consecutive defeats last night (Wednesday). During this little tip, we saw those who attacked the Bronx Bombardiers return to their bad habits, including Luke Voight, who took his job to go back a few weeks.

This coincides with the return of the first cushion player Anthony Risso to the game, thus reducing the workload for Voit.

However, the concerned chief had demanded more game time. But manager Aaron Boone doesn’t seem to have the same opinion. So no matter what he says his plan clearly will not work.

“He (sees) I like his production. I think he handled the situation well. Despite everything his bat looks very smooth. I expect he will be a big contributor last month.”

It is not enough to expect Voit to be a big contributor at the end of this campaign, he should be played.

It is not as if Voight was not functioning in these circumstances. In seven games before the manager reduced his duties, the Yankees won all those games and saw the Cheese hit a .500 batting average in three doubles and three long balls.

So far in 2021, Boone seems to be pushing the right buttons at the right time. However, in this situation he is on the left field, especially Giancarlo Stanton doing a lot of defensive work in the outfield.

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