Hiring waves on Amazon and Walmart

Hiring waves on Amazon and Walmart

(New York) U.S. companies Amazon and Walmart on Wednesday announced plans for tens of thousands of people to grow their various businesses, from satellite launches to order delivery.

Amazon wants to hire 55,000 people worldwide in office work – from human resources to marketing – and in technological roles: 40,000 in the United States and 15,000 in Europe, and in the Asia-Pacific region, the company told AFP.

The team on the one hand is accelerating the project for the launch of the Khyber satellite, but to promote its growth requires all kinds of skills from IT developers to vendors, he added.

Under the leadership of Andy Josie, general manager in early July, to replace Jeff Bezos, Amazon wants to hire “tens of thousands” of employees in the United States for its warehousing and distribution network.

“Most of these positions are newly created jobs,” the spokesman said, adding that some are being reshuffled.

As online orders explode, Amazon claims to have employed more than 450,000 people in the United States since the outbreak began.

Globally, the company had 1.3 million employees by the end of 2020. A major work exhibition is scheduled for September 15 in nine countries.

“Competitive Compensation”

The supermarket company Walmart, which has 2.3 million employees worldwide by the end of January, plans to hire 20,000 more people in the United States to manage the flow of goods in its warehouses and deliveries: order takers, handlers, forklift drivers, technicians and executives.

The chain wants to work on one of the group’s 250 logistics centers, on a permanent basis, full or part time.

While many businesses are currently struggling to recruit in the country, especially for low-paying jobs, Walmart has an average wage of $ 20.37 per hour working on its supply chain.

“We know the need to provide competitive compensation to build the network of the future,” the group said in a post on its blog.

The federal minimum wage in the United States is $ 7.25 per hour, a level that remains unchanged for 12 years, although many states charge higher wages. But in order to attract candidates, many large companies, such as Amazon, but Target or Chipot already offer a minimum wage of $ 15 per hour.

The new hiring wave at Walmart, which includes two special hiring days on September 8th and 9th, saw online sales growth slow down slightly in the last quarter, after several quarters of strong growth.

In order to better compete with Amazon and its Prime service, the distribution company maintained e-commerce for many years and launched a free delivery offer, especially last September, against the monthly or annual subscription.

Walmart announced at the end of August that it would launch a distribution service for all businesses, placing its logistics infrastructure and transportation network at the service of other brands.

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