French police are searching for foreigners who tricked them into painting and robbing them of their jewelery

French police are searching for foreigners who tricked them into painting and robbing them of their jewelery

Police investigations have revealed that between August 17 and August 23, 2021, a robbery gang attacked elderly people mainly in the Languedoc, Rusillan, Paka and Rons Alps region. A popular area among tourists.

Several victims looted Rolex jewelry and luxury watches on public roads. But also other gold jewelry.

The perpetrators spoke to the victims and sprayed some kind of green liquid on their clothes. Well known robbery technique. They later expressed concern and apologized profusely when they tried to wipe the victim’s clothes with a cloth. Fast finger thieves took advantage of this opportunity to steal their jewelry. By the time the victims were noticed, the thieves had already flown away.

‘Tourists affected’

The gang was later arrested by French police. Some robberies have also been recovered. “Based on the official reports we have drawn, many of the victims have already had their jewelry recovered,” Gendermary said. But many jewelers have not yet returned to their owners. “Therefore, we invite those who have been robbed in situations like this to come to know themselves. Some of them are indirectly foreigners. The area is popular with Dutch tourists.

A spokesman for the Federal Police says the trick with the liquid is known. “Criminals throw a liquid, but they” accidentally “throw yogurt or other items on the victim’s clothes.

Victims can contact Gassin-Saint Tropez Police at 0033-0494979532.

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