Covid 19: In Australia, Melbourne’s prison term was extended by seven days

Govt-19: In Australia, Melbourne's prison term was extended by seven days

The seven-day jail term for five million people in Melbourne will initially end on Wednesday to Thursday. But the authorities decided to extend it for seven days.

“We must eradicate this virus, otherwise people will die,” said Victorian Acting Prime Minister James Merlino, who said the city was dealing with a variation of the virus. ”.

This variant P.1617, also known as Kappa, was first discovered in India and spread through a traveler returning from abroad. Because, Thousands of contact cases The number of places that have been identified and visited by about 60 people who have tested positive is now 350.

However, outside of Melbourne, James Merlino noted that control measures will be lifted for residents of his state. However, a full set of restrictions will apply, including the number of people allowed to attend weddings or funerals.

The fourth control

In Melbourne, high school students who have to write the exam can return to class, while those who work outside can return to work, he added.

Instead there is Australia Covit-19 has a good spread By strictly restricting its borders on its soil, except New Zealand in particular Rapid implementation of control measures As soon as new cases appear.

Brett Sutton, head of health services in the state of Victoria, said it was necessary to extend the restrictions to prevent the spread among the population, calling the variant a “real monster”. “By 2021, a dozen countries with no cases of spread among their people will have completely lost control,” he said.

This is Melbourne’s fourth control since the outbreak. Voices have been raised against the conservative federal government for criticizing the slowdown in the vaccine campaign. The Labor opposition criticizes the government for not reconsidering the isolation system for foreign travelers, which shows failures.

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