Australia, Portugal ... these countries are returning to restrictions on delta variation

Australia, Portugal … these countries are returning to restrictions on delta variation

The delta variant contaminates the relative rise of the Govit-19 epidemic. Around the world, regulatory measures are being phased out and the return to normalcy is hanging in the balance, with some countries suffering from an increase in cases that are partly responsible for this change.

On Australia, The City of Sydney is defined as Saturday, June 26, from 6 p.m. For the next two weeks. Already on Friday evening, four neighborhoods in the center of the country’s largest city were closed.

The only exception for the five million people involved: buy essentials, get medical care, exercise, go to school or work if you can’t work. Those who have been in Sydney since Monday should also be isolated for fourteen days.

What do we know about the new variant Delta Plus found in many countries?

Since the outbreak began, Australia has kept the spread of the virus at bay, but this week more than 80 people have tested positive, all related to the driver who took flight attendants from Sydney airport to isolated hotels.

Increase that prompted authorities to strike harshly to prevent any spread: “When you have an infection like the delta virus, three days in jail doesn’t work”New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Periglian explained.

Control and mask wearing

At PortugalThe Lisbon area has faced an upsurge in Covid 19 cases due to delta variation. There it has become a staple. Albufera’s seaside resort in the Portuguese capital and Algarve region, two of the country’s three municipalities, where cafes, restaurants and shops have reduced their hours and capacity since Friday.

Travel between the greater Lisbon region and the rest of the country is banned “Delta Variation Control Measures”. The only exception to free circulation: possession of a European health certificate, accepted by Portugal on Thursday or a negative test.

At the same time, Portugal decided to slow down its deregulation on Thursday.

Towards local restrictions in Landes to combat the progress of delta diversity?

Such as Israel, Which is one of the best vaccination students in the world, is in the country Re-established the obligation to wear a mask in closed public places And businesses. Since Monday, Israeli health officials have registered more than 100 new patients every day. According to the latest report, they were 227 on Thursday.

The Hebrew government had already announced on Wednesday that it was postponing the reopening of its territory to tourists “Concerns about the spread of delta variation”, Brought to the country by travelers returning from abroad. The new prime minister, Naphtali Bennett, had warned of the possibility “New wave” And called on the Israelis not to go abroad.

In Asia, the Bangladesh, In the face of sharply rising infection rates since mid-May, has opted for tougher control starting next Monday. The government has said that all public administrations and private sector businesses will be closed for a week and only medical trips will be allowed.

Govit-19: From Kovacs (this great idea of ​​vaccinating everyone) to vaccinate against racism

Authorities in the country, which has a population of 170 million, recorded nearly 6,000 new cases and 108 deaths on Friday, the second highest number since the outbreak began. “The situation is dangerous and dangerous. If we can’t control it now, we will face a situation like India. Neighboring, Ministry of Health spokesman Robert Amin warned AFP.

The situation in France is still the same

Other countries have recorded alarming situations in recent days Russia, The highest number of daily deaths due to Covid 19 since the outbreak began was recorded on Saturday in St. Petersburg, the host city of Euro football. The city, just like that 90% of new cases in the capital of Moscow are due to delta variation Last week, it was hit hard.

And this France ? for now, Cases of delta variation have been reported throughout France, Do not In Jersey, Two cases were identified on Friday among the dead patients. But the situation is very serious In Lands, this represents 70% of the positive cases now diagnosedAccording to a government spokesman on Wednesday. At the national level, the national average is about 10%. No new restrictions have yet been considered by the government, however Importance of vaccination And warning.

In Jersey, a delta variant was detected in two patients who died, calling for vaccination and screening

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Experts warn that the epidemic will return this summer if the progress of the delta type does not slow down. To virologist Bruno Lena, “OBS” questioned, Stock it spreads “Less noise” Thanks for the vaccine, because “Anyone who has been vaccinated is a break from the spread of the virus.”

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