Windows 11: Asus, Dell and Lenovo offer a list of compatible laptops and desktops

Windows 11: Asus, Dell and Lenovo offer a list of compatible laptops and desktops

Microsoft has officially set the October 11 release date for October 5, 2021. Computer makers have begun sending out a list of their respective compatible models. Asus, Lenovo and Dell were the first to be contacted.

Summer twists on hardware compatibility with Windows 11 Finding your way is not always easy. The need for a DPM 2.0 crypto chip is a problem for many older PCs. To find out if a computer is compatible with Windows 11 in a few clicks, Microsoft will soon make its PC Health Check tool available.

Overall, it should be noted that pre-Raison 2000 processors for 8th generation Intel Core and AMD cannot install the new operating system.

Lists published

Simply put, some manufacturers have begun publishing a list of their compatible PCs. You need to follow the links, if your computer model, means that an update for Windows 11 can be installed there. We asked Asus for a list of possible matches Find out here.

Dell has made its public release Own list.

Lenovo has not yet provided a comprehensive inventory, but has now released a list of professional models to be shipped with Windows 11:

  • Thinkbook Plus General 2i
  • Thinkbook 13x
  • Thinkbook 14b General 2 AMD
  • Thinkbook 16b General 2 AMD
  • Thinkbook 14 General 2i and Thinkbook 15 General 2i
  • Yoga of Thinkbook 14s
  • Thinkbook 13S General 3 AMD

Other manufacturers will have to provide a record of their compatible models in the coming weeks. Of course, the new OS will be pre-installed on all computers released from October 2021.

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