The Saints moved to Jacksonville for Week 1

The Saints moved to Jacksonville for Week 1

Affected by Hurricane Ida, the Saints’ first game awaited the end of the set. If the latter are a priority for the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, they are currently training in the Cowboys, eventually moving to the East just in black and gold. In fact, the NFL has ruled and the Saints will “receive” the Green Ghost at the DIAA Bank Grounds in Jacksonville.

One reason for the NFL’s decision is to set up a concert at the AT&T Stadium later in the week, which could disrupt operations. In addition, the league generally wants to relocate to stadiums that offer other NFL rights.

On the calendar page, Saints will play week 2 and 3 away (in Carolina and New England respectively). The decision on whether to get the giants in the 4th week and whether or not to return the Mercedes Benz Super Dome will be made later.

Drawing by Tampa Bay, Florida State alumni, James Winston will take his first steps as a starting quarter for Saints on Florida soil. Is it good or bad?

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