The future of coffee on the menu of the 130th session of the Council of the International Organization

Detailed Report on the Future of Coffee and the 2007 International Covenant 130 are essential items on the agendae Session of the Council of the International Coffee Organization (OIC) held from 1There is Until September 10, 2021. During this meeting, the 2007 agreement should lead to the approval and ratification of a new agreement in this area.

To take part in this work, the Ivorian delegation heads international commodity organizations led by Ali Toure, the permanent representative of C டிte d’Ivoire. The Executive Director will report on the work of the Public-Private Coffee Working Group and the Forum of Business and World Leaders. The CEOs and Global Leaders Forum for Business Leaders and Directors Business and Roasting Companies, Private Sector Associations and Business Organizations to review the progress since the signing of the London Declaration in September 2019. The sector was severely tested by the Supply Act, not forgetting the health crisis associated with it.

This high-level meeting will be chaired by the Chairman of the Finance and Executive Committee and will conclude with a report on the consideration of applications for the post of Executive Director.

The main intergovernmental organization responsible for coffee issues is 58 years old for the ICO and includes most coffee exporting countries, 44 and 34 imports.

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