How to watch movies chronologically

The Conjuring : comment regarder les films par ordre chronologique

From hand Fear game, James Vaughn He exhibited the ability to create dark stories. The saga was enriched by various films that extinguished its flame but at no time did the director’s name stop ringing. Almost a decade later James Vaughn Gave life to an owner that puts it among the criteria of major horror: Letter. All images are currently viewable HBO Max.

Patrick Vera Pannica Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson and Vera Formica the Conjuring 4. (IMDP)

Inspired by lawsuits Sending Warren, Created marital inquiries Lorraine (Vera Farm) And Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson), Movies Letter They are part of today’s emotions. Every premiere immediately arouses the interest of the fans. The last tape that came The Conjuring: The devil made me do it, With what All eight films have been achieved in one saga, and two more ways to do so have been confirmed: A sequel Grandmother And an inspired film Curved man.

8 – Grandmother

The same way it happens Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Or Saga Star Wars, These products can be viewed in publishing order and respecting the story-based timeline. After that Letter It all started in 2013 and the owner laid its foundation long ago GrandmotherIn the 1950s, in Romania, a priest and a newcomer fight the devil Someone.

7 – Annabelle: Creation

Although this is the second film based on the evil toy, Annabelle: Creation It works like a prologue. The events that led to this film David F. Sandberg It happened in the same decade Grandmother. To be more precise, in 1955, in Southern California, this toy with the spirit was counterfeit.

6 – Annabelle

Twelve years after seeing Annabelle: Creation, Facts Annabelle. In fact, the preface contains a scene that directly links to the first movie of that toy, which, in chronological order, marks the first appearance of the toy. Warren married For fans.

5 – Trick

Letter, The film that gave birth to Saga in 2013 was set and shown in 1971 Warren married The procedures they have to follow to expel a spirit are very definite. Everyone now remembers how dark that foundation in which the spirit resides was Caroline (Lily Taylor)

4 – Annabelle 3: Come home

Weak film in Saga, probably Letter, Which seems to be closer to a chapter Cooling Or even an adventure Scooby Doo, Happened at home Warrens. With a brief look Ed And Lorraine, Daughter supported this product Warrens And a nanny with a very curious friend, he decides to enter the room Warrens Store all the items you have and free all the monsters in the house. The events take place a year later, in 1972 Letter.

3 – Maldives of La Lorona

The first Latin American legend to reach Saga Maldiction of La LoronaWith the address of Michael Chavez. The film was set in Los Angeles in 1973, but had no participation Warren married. In fact, she seems to be less attached to Saga, who supports her entire story in the myth of a woman who wants to take her children and take revenge. Linda Cordellini And Raymond Cruz Running this product as a social worker and Father Raphael, Respectively.

2 – Telegraph 2

Saga’s two big fears: the old man’s appearance and presentation behind the sofa Someone, Years ago Rotating From Grandmother. This is the second film Warren universe Takes place in 1977 and helps to solidify the foundation of ownership Letter. The emphasis, of course, fell again Ed and Lorraine Warren, Who traveled to London this time.

1 – The Conjuring: The devil made me do it

Last film released in Saga Letter Lastly you can see the value of the chronology of events. Movement Michael Chavez, The first person past the 70s, set up in 1981, first left the haunted house and relied on a ghost with different personalities. This is the true story of the first interrogation that the killer allegedly had with him at the time of the crime.

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