Car News: Is the five-door mini still a real mini?

Car News: Is the five-door mini still a real mini?

You ask – has it not been since 2001? not at all. The mini hatchback with five doors and extended body was only released in 2014. The number of mini doors was replaced by the very old clubman and the most popular crossover model Countryman. Green British racing tattoo is a real classic. Decorative and mini-characteristic innovations have appeared in even more luxurious car interiors. One of the most visible is this English seat system.

“No one should call the mini saloon conservative, but the consistency is amazing,” says Normonds Avodic.

Twenty years ago, a mini panel with bizarre switches instead of a circular center “clock” and buttons was considered a pure avant-garde.

“But look at today’s” regular “car showrooms, for example, the new Golf. Basically, you have to learn to reuse a Volkswagen.

Good – The steering wheel, the electronic display on the back, the automatic lever and the Apple Car Play interface on the big and clear screen are all new.

“But basically these aviation buttons, tumblers, everything is the same as it was in 2001. That’s what I call confidence in attitude and tradition. One and a half liter 3-cylinder turbocharged engine, automatic transmission, light weight and … a great start button.

And – excellent driving! With 136 horsepower, the Mini Cooper looks like a city car, doesn’t it? It already exists, but it is surprising that a car from Oxford does not allow itself to cross the highway.

Especially if you enable this mode – the game! And to draw there, not a checker flag or some kind of explosion, but karting! So the Mini five-door hatchback is longer and more practical and efficient than the 3-door version. I’m not going to disappoint you that there’s a lot of space on the back of the 5D hatchback, but it’s a little more comfortable than the narrow mini, ”said Tarna Avodic.

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You may notice that you spend more time in this nice car and think about the mini less sunny days. The suspension, despite the low profile tires, respects all types of bumps with respect, while the wheel arches and sills are protected by unpainted plastic.

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