Canal +: Two new channels are formed

Canal +: Two new channels are formed

This is an event that has not happened for almost ten years. Two new channels, Canal + Docs and Canal + Kids, will appear on September 9 on the encrypted channel offerings.

For a channel dedicated to documentaries – a type that is highly appreciated by Canal + step subscribers – it has a wide selection of unpublished films. Tina, A biographical event of the American channel HBO dedicated to Tina Turner, which will be proposed. For his part, Robin’s choice Actor Robin Williams describes his battle with disease Bruno vs Tyson. In total, when it launches, more than 180 documentaries will be available on Canal + Docs.

The channel thought of children as well. Apparently. Canal + is a channel dedicated to 4-12 year olds called Kids, with programs tailored to their time and specially designed for children. There are original products Mush-mush and mushrooms Where Call, But full of novelties, documentaries and entertainment for young people. Less than 5,000 hours of content will not be accessible from the publication.

Each week, three themed evenings will be offered from 7pm to 9pm Atmospheric series Tuesday, Surprise Friday, and The big weirdness Saturday.

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