Australia is vaccinated and abandons its zero Govt strategy

Une longue queue de personnes qui attendent d'être vaccinées à Melbourne.

Posted on September 1, 2021, at 12:11 PMUpdated September 1, 2021, at 1:27 PM

At this time, the crowds in Sydney are in front of the vaccination centers … At the entrance to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, in a single file wearing masks, hundreds of people are waiting for their turn. Because if the vaccine campaign in Australia was initially very slow, it is now running at full speed. “It’s a very impressive system,” says Philippa after receiving his first dose, “a relief” for a mother of two young children.

About 300,000 doses are administered each day, especially in New South Wales, where the current rate, if maintained, can reach 80% of the population over the age of 16 within a month, up from 37% at present. Across the country, this milestone is to be crossed in November.

The end of the zero govt strategy

This is fundamental because, under an epidemic plan approved by the government, Australia will reopen its borders once this goal is achieved, while living backwards since March 2020. It also marks the end of the zero Govt strategy, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison now agreeing to live with the virus.

Linda Calabres, a general trainer who trains in Sydney’s North, a participant in the vaccination effort, believes the current trend will not evaporate: “The re-opening of borders and the lifting of existing restrictions are strong motivations. Then, Vaccination is mandatory for many industries. Sure, there are individuals who are resistant to the vaccine and can’t convince any argument, but I don’t think the current pace will weaken before this 80% score is reached. “

Melbourne has been closed for more than 200 days

Meanwhile, 15 million people (out of 25 million) are currently confined, forced to wear masks in all situations and restricted in their movements to a 5 km radius around their home.

If there are some demonstrations, more than a few hundred will rarely unite, and these measures will be well received, Even in Sydney the imprisonment lasted ten weeks , Or in Melbourne, has been locked up for more than 200 days since the outbreak … “Obviously, being locked up is painful. But the important thing is to protect yourself, ”said Courtney, who was vaccinated with her boyfriend.

Operating theaters are reserved for Govt patients

Because the risk, if relatively low than in Europe or the United States, is very real. More than 900 people have been hospitalized, 150 are in intensive care and the threshold of 1,000 deaths due to Govt has just passed. “At the moment, we have a constant flow of positive patients, and we had to set up some of our operating theaters to treat only Covid patients,” explains John Downsent, an emergency nurse working at a hospital in southwest Sydney. One of the most affected areas. “For now, we manage to manage, but the situation could get worse quickly if the number of cases continues to increase.”

A scenario affecting the economy, experts predict an increase in unemployment and a fall of about 4% in GDP in the third quarter, much to everyone’s surprise, higher than the growth forecast (+ 0.7%) for the previous quarter compared to April and June. But in the second quarter, Australia’s half weeks were not defined …

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