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Why BDS does not want to sing in English

The Korean team, which has signed some world maps in English, has expressed a desire to be true to the original language.

Perhaps K-Pop’s most popular children’s groups, BDS’s recent hits, were written in the language of Britney Spears. However, despite the business successes associated with these releases, seven Koreans still want to be true to their own language.

Jay-Hope, Jimin, Jin and many others have been global ambassadors of Korean pop music for many years, after touching several planets in Korean, they broke the ban in August 2020. Dynamite, Their first solo song entirely in English. The song allowed it to be the first 100% Korean band to top the US charts. The following two English-speaking solos have updated the recordings, Butter When Dance recognition..

However, in the face of these successes, the seven boys show their willingness not to repeat the experience. advertisement boardThey explain that there were some who discovered that English was not a good idea. According to the head of RM training, despite the epidemic, it was above all else and sacrificed the world tour. “There is no alternative,” he regrets. According to Jin, switching to English seemed “unnatural” and he agreed to rewrite the phonetic lines in the Korean alphabet. “The English I learned in school was very different from the song. English. I had to start by destroying everything I knew.

“This is no longer BTS”

RMS adds that BTS does not want to be an American pop character, but the group wants to have a “special case” location. According to him, this mainly includes songs performed in Korean:

“I think it can and should not be a part of major American (pop) music. Our ultimate goal is to make a great theatrical tour there. That’s all.”

Team members have already expressed a desire to remain loyal to Koreans in 2019 Weekly entertainment: “We do not want to change our identity or credibility. If we suddenly start singing everything in English and change everything else, it is no longer BTS.

They returned to these principles. More English songs will be running. The end result will definitely be up to HYBE (formerly Big Hit Entertainment), so it’s the entertainment company that makes them. Bighit music label leader Shin Yong Jae views the ability to sing in English as “evidence of how to achieve strength, find harmonious solutions and take into account the needs of the community”.

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