US / Venezuela – “Charity has no limits and does not discriminate against beneficiaries”: Bishops complain of restrictions on flood relief

US / Venezuela - "Charity has no limits and does not discriminate against beneficiaries": Bishops complain of restrictions on flood relief

US / Venezuela – “Charity has no limits and does not discriminate against beneficiaries”: Bishops complain of restrictions on flood relief

Caracas (Agency Fights) – National, regional and military officials called to work “not for specific interests” Affected.
According to provisional information, bad weather caused by torrential rains, floods and landslides in western Venezuela over the past few days has affected 35,000 people, leaving at least 20 dead and many more missing. . During Sunday’s August 29, Pope Francis expressed his solidarity in this way: “I am close to the people of Merida, Venezuela, who have been affected by floods and landslides in recent days. Pray for the dead and their families.”
In a statement sent to the President of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference, Agency sent to Fidesz, we read: “We regret and condemn the attitude of some civil servants and the unselfish non-cooperation of the Bolivian National Guard. Had. ”Received high orders advising them on behalf of the affected communities. . Population “, the bishops continue.” All of this, they underscore in terms of Constant’s principles of national motivation. ”
The bishops reaffirmed their solidarity with the population of Merida, especially with the people of the Mokotis Valley affected by these violent natural phenomena. They outlined the rapid reaction of the Catholic Church and other organizations to organize relief. “Thanks to the immediate response of many well-meaning people, we were able to provide all kinds of assistance, from medicine and food to clothing and other necessities.
The bishops confirm that the speed with which the National Caritas and Diocesan Caritas have collected the necessary aid in various parts of the country has demonstrated the “generosity of Catholics and well-meaning people. Many in the nation” did not hesitate to share what little they had.
The Caridas Network was one of the first to warn of what was happening in the Mokotis Valley following the continuing heavy rains in the country. According to Caritas Venezuela, Caritas Merida received a warning on Monday night 23 from the Caritas Church in the Mogotis Valley about heavy rain damage in the municipalities of Xia and Antonio Pinto Salinas. August 2021. Immediately, Archbishop Caridas of Merida began to gather information to write a report on the situation and contacted the National Caridas. Within 12 hours, the tragic number of lost lives, missing persons and affected families was known. Already at that time, the Solidarity Network was implemented by Caritas Merida, Caritas Caracas and other dioceses under the leadership of Caritas Venezuela.
On August 25, Caritas Merida and Ulantinos First Aid (PAULA) set up a series of centers to collect non-perishable food, clean water, blankets, shoes and clothing, personal hygiene, medicines, masks, batteries and more. Alternative energy sources. At the same time, the Archbishop of Caracas has set up collection points in six churches in the capital. On Friday, August 26, the first Unity trucks left for Merida to pick up the collected items. On Saturday, August 28, 38,000 liters of water and more than 30 tons of aid were collected in other states where Merida, Caracas and Caridas set up collection centers. National Caridas is still active to help not only residents of Marita but also other areas affected by the rains. (SL) (Agensia Fights 08/31/2021)

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