Two long balls to Vlad in Jays victory

Two long balls to Vlad in Jays victory

The playoff race at Major League Baseball has gone completely crazy over the past few weeks and the show is expected to repeat until the end of the regular schedule.

Jayce, who is battling for a place in one of these famous playoffs, had a very important game on the table against the Baltimore Oriole last night.

Especially if there is someone who received the news, it was Vlad Guerrero Jr.! After hitting the 37th homer of the season in the game, the youngster hit the Orioles pitcher into the stands in the seventh inning, while his team won.

August is a very difficult month for Vladimir, which is why many were relieved to see him pay off last night. It could take him back on track at the end of a game season like that and Jais needs it.

The latter, with yesterday’s success, is now 4.5 games away from the Red Sox and is the second “wild card” level to provide access to the playoffs. Do they have enough time to go there? This is the question that needs to be asked now.

Robbie Ray once again made a solid journey this season by retrieving 10 opponents to reach the 200 mark.

He really has a star season, so his name starts to pop up in the discussion for Psy Young. Last night he proved he deserved it.

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