The Taliban control the arsenal left by the Americans

Analysis – The new masters of Afghanistan have seized a large number of weapons confiscated from the Afghan army or abandoned by the Americans.

Helicopters, planes, drones, armored vehicles, weapons of different caliber … the Taliban march with equipment that is not intended for them. On social networks, these images symbolize their success. After the complete capture of Kabul, the Taliban could begin their list of plunderers: Afghanistan’s regular military equipment, fitted by the United States for twenty years, and left by Western soldiers. It does not matter whether the equipment departs or only creates corpses abandoned after the departure of US troops. The Taliban won another round of media battle by showing off their trophies.

But this additional defeat of the US military is not limited to a few films. This visualized arsenal has serious consequences. This further weakens the brightness of America. He underscores his unwillingness to withdraw

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