Planet Venus: Incredible new discoveries and great premiere

Planet Venus: Incredible new discoveries and great premiere

The planet Venus was a double overflow target recently made by two space explorers, one belonging to NASA and the other belonging to Jaxa / ESA, as a result, revelations about the planet continue to appear. In particular, in the videos in this article, you will find new data collected by the Pepicolombo space probe from JAXA / ESA, which flies over the planet Venus on its way to Mercury, where it will spend many years of observations.

During this flyover, Venus recorded a number of data that could help space agencies better understand what is happening near the cosmic body during this period. In the video above, as NASA’s Solar Orbiter accelerometer approaches Venus, you place data near the planet that sounds like a person listening to them at that time.

Planet Venus: Incredible new discoveries and great premiere

The planet Venus has a high gravitational force, and space exploration uses a special system that does not get caught in it, and the accelerometer works hard to keep the ship in its orbit by recording the moment it operates. This is the first scene for the planet Venus, as it is the first time that gravitational forces applied to space exploration have been recorded by someone’s instruments.

“The Italian Spring Accelerometer (ISA) instrument in the BepiColombo MPO module collected data on the acceleration of high-sensitivity spacecraft. This is the first time that an accelerometer has recorded the effects of wave forces on a spacecraft on another planet.

The second video clip shows how the solar wind interacts with the planet’s atmosphere and precisely protects the surface with its magnetic field. BabyColombo, ESA / JAXA space explorer, recorded the connection between the solar wind and the magnetic field on the planet Venus at the point where the two meet, and the researchers translated the event into sounds heard by human ears.

The planet Venus is at the center of incredible revelations, thanks to the extra spacecraft made by two space probes, so we are talking about the most important data for mankind.

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