Hurricane Ida hit the United States, and Kyle Kuzma was humiliated

Nouvelle avancée dans le dossier Kyle Kuzma ! NBA

Whatever the context, whatever the gravity of a situation, internet users will always find out A way to make fun of things … Kyle Kuzma was insulted on social media when Hurricane Ida hit the United States and Louisiana …

One thing we can never take away from social networks is the ability to turn a more or less serious event into a big laugh … because humor especially prevails on Twitter, and even internet users are very popular and wealthy people who do not hesitate to make fun of. Proof with Awesome and viral tackle in the style of Zion Williamson a few days ago !

Also, players no longer hesitate to send big provocations to each other through non-stop messages … for example, a few days after he arrived in New York, Evan Fournier attacked rival Nets for criticizing Kevin Durand’s hair condition, A good way to put a little oil on fire in an already turbulent city as the new season approaches.

In this era of Hurricane Ida crossing the southeast of the country, internet users are not putting their jokes aside. Then Incredible insult against Anthony Davis in the supermarket, Circled on social networks, Kyle Kusma deserves his unfortunate hourly glory. Decisively, Lockers supporters are ruthless!

Why is Kyle Kuzma in New Orleans?

Hurricane Ida prepares to make landfall in Louisiana, an ever-worrying moment after the chaos and frustration caused by Katrina’s passage in 2005, when an Internet user did not hesitate to compare Kyle Kuzma to a trash can. 20,000 people are laughing! Of course, some people do not hesitate to add a layer …

He sees his friends Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart.

Kyle Kuzma has extra motivation to shine in Washington! He will have the opportunity to silence all Lockers fans Vertebrae From his point of view!

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