Five people have been arrested in a public protest in London over health restrictions

Five people have been arrested in a public protest in London over health restrictions

Five people have been arrested and eight police officers injured in London following a series of large-scale protests against the introduction of health restrictions in the UK, the mandatory wearing of masks and the introduction of “vaccine passports”.

Protesters gathered early in the morning and marched on several major roads, including the main shopping district of Oxford Street. Videos posted on social media showed thousands of people marching through the streets of the capital.

“You are controlled”, “No mask, no wax, no prison” or “Let’s get our freedom back!” Banners and panels fitted with readable slogans such as. (United for Freedom) Departs Hyde Park at 1:00 pm local time.

According to the services of the London Metropolitan Police, hundreds of people gathered in Hyde Park, where an AFP journalist noted that “small pockets of disorder” had exploded.

“Eight officers were injured as they tried to disperse the crowd tonight in Hyde Park,” they said, adding that shells, including bottles, were thrown.

According to the same source, “two agents were taken to the hospital” but “did not appear to be seriously injured”. Five people have been arrested for crimes including assault on police officers and are currently in police custody.

Despite restrictions on outdoor gatherings of more than 30 individuals, many organizations have called for demonstrations in small groups, which are still being investigated by the government against the latest control measures in place and the implementation of vaccination passports.

“Today, we are marching for our medical freedom,” read one of the organizers on the Facebook page of Save Our Rights UK.

Read the sign that a young woman proudly wears, “I will escape this plague by acting contrary to what they say.” Others took white umbrellas and drew “No Passport” on them.

As the march passed London, the capital began to deregulate, with more than 127,000 deaths in the United Kingdom and significant improvement in Europe’s most affected country by the Covid 19 and the progressive vaccine. .

More than three months in prison, the terraces of essential shops, pubs and restaurants and hairdressers and gyms in the UK opened their doors almost two weeks ago and returned to the cities for their livelihood.

Further relaxation is expected in mid-May, when some internal social activities will resume, before almost all restrictions are lifted by the end of June.

The government is exploring the possibility of introducing a “passport” system in various fields, including leisure and hospitality and overseas travel, to check whether people have been vaccinated or are immune to the virus.

Source: AFP

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