Destructive insurgency environmental activists block the Tower Bridge

Destructive insurgency environmental activists block the Tower Bridge

Destroying fighters' destructive insurgency à Landers Lay 30 ao û t 2021 - Tolka Akman

Exodus of Destructive Rebellion Activists in London on August 30, 2021 – Tolka Akman

Activists of the environmental movement Destructive rebellion On Monday, Tower Bridge, London’s iconic Pascal Bridge, disrupted traffic in the British capital as part of a two-week weather alert. “Activists are using vans and caravans to block the road,” London Police and Metropolitan Police said on Twitter.

“Activists are lying at the north junction of Tower Bridge, causing further disruption,” he added. Monday is a public holiday in the UK.

The bridge was cleared by British police

Police at the scene initially said they were trying to “resume traffic” in collaboration with the London City Police, which had stopped at the scene “immediately”.

“Blocking the roads is unjust and we warn those who prove they should disperse. They can be arrested if they do not move,” he added. Traffic finally resumed at 5 p.m.

Civil non-cooperation against global warming

The Destructive Rebellion began two weeks of protests and action in London last Monday to act “urgently” on climate change. The movement is particularly opposed to public investment in fossil fuels.

Created in the UK in 2018, this activist network uses public disobedience to highlight the government’s inaction on climate change.

Tower Bridge connects the city of Thames with the River Thames, across the River Thames. Built between 1886 and 1894, the structure was considered the “longest and most sophisticated Pascal Bridge ever built”.

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