MLB Summary on August 29 at US Stadium: Jose Abrew joins Season 6 of 100 PP

MLB Summary on August 29 at US Stadium: Jose Abrew joins Season 6 of 100 PP

Jose Abrew used the 13-1 White Sox victory over the Cubs to become the third player to own six seasons of at least 100 RBIs.

Abrey, 34, made the 100th point of the season in the 5th inning as he doubled the lead by two runs, pushing Brian Goodwin and Caesar Hernandez to the plate.

Only Paul Conerco (6) and Frank Thomas (10) in white socks uniforms achieved such a feat. Abrew became the first White Sox player since 2006 to reach the 100PP plateau of 125 games or less. Jermaine dye was the last.

Louis Robert White Sox won by two wickets, three runs and three RBI runs. He hit home runs in the first and 6th innings.

The Sox hit seven runs in the 5th inning to give the Cubs a foothold. Eloy Jimenez was a great player in this big round for the White Socks, with three runs Homer.

Yasmani Grantel and Goodwin also hit long balls in the White Sox game. For the Cubs, Frank Swindel scored just one point for a Homer in the 4th inning.

The victory went to the record of Dylan Cheese who was stunning on stage. He spent 11 batters in the Mids and limited the Cubs to four wins and one run.

The vent has an eruption against the orioles

Joey Wendl won 12-8 against the Orioles pitchers on Sunday. He finished the game with at least six RBIs.

Wendy first hit a solo homer in the 6th inning and a Grand Slam in the 7th inning as he batted.

Jordan Lublo and Austin Lawn also scored home runs in the race.

For the Oriolis team, Ryan had four wins and three runs at Mountcase.

Cedric Mullins hit Homer with two runs in the 8th inning, but the Orioles could not add much.

Rays signed for the 7th consecutive victory, wiping out the series against the Orioles, and was the last to die in the east of the United States.

The Indians are completing their return

Oscar Mercado gave his side the lead following the eighth inning ban and the Cleveland Indians beat the Boston Red Sox 7-5 on Sunday.

The Indians trailed 4-0 until Jose Ramirez hit a home run after the sixth inning.

The Red Sox led 5-4 in the eighth inning when Austin Hedges equalized against Austin Davis (0-2).

Mercado then scored a single and Yu Chang called for a double in the left field line. Mercado appeared to have been taken out of the home plate, but the official Nick Lentes immediately signaled that the Red Sox’s second commander, Yero Munos, had disturbed his opponent’s run.

Munoz was going to the left of the infield, and Mercado went around the second leg and made contact with him. Mercado also touched Davis as he moved to cover the third goal.

Miles Straw scored a solo song that pushed Sangha to the plate to give his team an insurance point.

The Red Sox are still second in the U.S. draft teams, but slipped eight games from the first step of the Tampa Bay Rays and East Division.

Rafael Devers hit two long solo balls for the Bastonians. This is his third game in two home runs this season and the ninth in his career.

Brian Shaw (6-6) oversaw the eighth set and Emmanuel Klaus was ninth to collect his 19th save this season. He has banned the Red Sox from signing the first three games sweep in Cleveland since 2013.

Hugh was in control until he gave the long ball to Ramirez. He conceded three points and four walks.

Bobby Dolbeck scored a solo home run for the Red Sox. Jedi Martinez added a run double and Jaron Duron made a run for a walk as all of the cushions were occupied.

Athletics is better than the Yankees

Tony Kemp scored two runs over Chad Green in eighth place.

On Saturday, the Athletes defeated the Yankees 3-2 in their last 13 games and lost six games.

The Yankees lost in replay for the first time since July 23.

Kemp was called the seventh-placed designer hitter in the game and scored the fifth homer of the season. Three of them came up against the Yankees.

“No one has given up on this team,” Kemp said. We will continue to fight for a place in the playoffs. “

Green (7-6) allowed the 11th long ball of the campaign.

“I saw a good scene and I shot as well as I could,” Kemp said. Like all the fans on the stand I think I was surprised. “

Deolis Curara (2-1) stopped the Yankees in eighth place. Andrew Saffin has retired the last three hitters from the New York team.

The athlete opened the scoring in fourth place with a forced withdrawal by Mark Kanha. Initially, the double play round ended, but the result was canceled after a video replay. This is an unearned point due to the mistake of the third commander Geo Urshela. He made another mistake during the game.

The Yankees tied for seventh and stumbled in the defensive game from the athletics.

When Anthony Risso was at home with two outs, wide receiver Jan Gomez threw a ball and stretched the set.

Risso then sent a ground ball into the third inning, which went through the legs of Matt Champion, allowing Gary Sanchez to equalize with a second goal.

American elsewhere

Brewers 6 – Twins2
Dosant : Rowdy Dellas hits a three-run home run in the third inning.
MIN : Miguel Sano made only two points in the doubles.

Astros 2 – Rangers13
HOU : Jordan Alvarez hit a solo homer in the 5th inning.
TEX : Production work day for Adolis Garcia, who finished the game with three wins and five RBIs.

Royals 3 – Marines4
Casey : Abraham Toro did not hit any hits in 4 at-bats
The sea : Salvador Perez scored a home run in the 5th game in a row (7 out of 6). With a total of 38 homers he is in 2nd place over Shoaib Ohtani

Yankees 1 – Athletics3
New York : Chad Green’s record of two wins and two innings left.
Oak : Tony Kemp hits home with two runs in the 8th inning.

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