CCTV footage reveals the extent of Ida hurricane damage (video)

CCTV footage reveals the extent of Ida hurricane damage (video)

Sixteen years after the devastation of Katrina, New Orleans finds itself without electricity When Hurricane Ida made its way through LouisianaDemanding at least one fatality, it weakened overnight from Sunday to Monday.

Surveillance cameras passed the hurricane at 11 a.m. Sunday (about 5 p.m. Front / rear pictures show the extent of the damage: yards, fields and roads suddenly filled with water and mud.

While classified as Type 4 by the U.S. Meteorological Service, the hurricane fell again into Type 1 on the Sapphire-Simpson scale early Monday morning. “Rapid weakness is expected the next day, but Ida is expected to be a hurricane until tonightThe National Hurricane Center (NHC) said in a statement Sunday evening.

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In all, about one million homes across Louisiana were without electricity Sunday night, according to the special site Energy, which supplies electricity in southeastern Louisiana, said it would provide emergency power to city departments responsible for pumping stations to help control flooding.

U.S. National Weather Service warningDangerous danger“Created by the hurricane and stressed the residents of the affected areas”Take all necessary measures to protect their lives and property“.

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