A Facebook commission to moderate content during elections

A Facebook commission to moderate content during elections

Facebook accuses Republicans of stifling their voices, but has been pointed out by Democrats who criticize the social network’s actions to moderate misinformation. Lessons that caught attention in January 2021 with the capture of Capitol. As the German federal election and then the French presidential election approach, the impact of social media will once again draw attention to politics.

There are many reasons that justify Facebook’s work to create one Responsible for neutralizing content during election periods. This task force aims to mitigate potential criticism Pro during measurements, Just as Donald Trump’s account was suspended. Purpose Mark Zuckerberg should not be left as the sole leader of the results Sharing this responsibility with the “Panel of Experts” is politically motivated and close to what is anonymously trusted. New York Times.

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“Whatever decisions are made, they will have global consequences.”

This commission, which has moderate expertise during the election, is an extension of Facebook’s oversight committee. This system is not limited to the United States. This is evidenced by the results of deleting a post from a Burmese account, then re-authorizing it or deleting fake accounts supporting Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The social network has repeatedly changed the rules for the use of political advertising.

We already have the idea that the American social media company Facebook will interfere in other countries’ elections and influence them through its site. Whatever decision Facebook makes, they will have global repercussions “Says Nathaniel Bersley, a law professor at Stanford University.

Now unofficial, the announcement of the creation of this new commission is scheduled for the fall of 2022. At this time, the United States is immersed in by-elections, during which members of the House of Commons are elected.

The Security Council for Facebook and Social Networking has so far declined to comment New York Times.

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