Video. Australia: She is shopping at a supermarket and sees an impressive mountain snake

Video.  Australia: She is shopping at a supermarket and sees an impressive mountain snake

A woman with a three-evening-long mountain snake arrived at a supermarket in Sydney last night, looking for spices to cook the chicken that evening.

A scary encounter. This Monday, August 16, while shopping at a supermarket on the outskirts of Sydney, an Asian woman came face to face with a three-meter-long non-venomous mountain snake. Contact ABC News.

“I was on the spice sidewalk, looking for something to put my chicken in that night, so I didn’t see it at first because it curled up nicely behind the spice pots,” said Helena Aladi, the woman who discovered the animal crawling on a sidewalk. The head of the snake was about twenty centimeters away from her face when the Australian realized her presence.

Then the snake intercepted

Fortunately, Helena Alati was trained to catch snakes. After shooting impressive reptiles and warning staff, the young woman immediately returned home to retrieve her “snake bag”. So before releasing the animals into the wild, Helena Aladi took part in the capture operation.

The Woolworths supermarket chain confirmed in a statement Monday morning that it had “found slippery and rare customer spice breaks” in one of its stores. Suburb of Sydney. No one knows how the snake got to the supermarket.

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