One week after Grace passed, Hurricane Nora hit Mexico

One week after Grace passed, Hurricane Nora hit Mexico

(Mexico) A week later Mercy, Hurricane Nora The U.S. Hurricane Center (NHC) said Saturday night that the state of Jalisco on the Pacific coast had hit Mexico.

Hurricane Eye, Type 1 on the Sapphire-Simpson scale, “is located near the coast of Mexico after making landfall in northwestern Jalisco”, referring to the NHC in its final score.

Nora “Vicente Guerrero (Jalisco) came close and then continued to move near the coast,” the NHC said.

At 0 a.m. Sunday, the hurricane made landfall 555 km south of Puerto Vallarta, south / southwest, Jalisco, and Cabo San Lucas, California. According to the NHC, it headed north at 22 km / h, with winds continuing to blow at 130 km / h.

For now, Nora Hugo Roldan, a local civil defense officer, said heavy rains, power cuts, landslides and falling trees had hit Jalisco’s roads, but Mexican officials said no one was injured.

Rescue workers have been deployed to help people along the 342-kilometer stretch of coast in the state of Jalisco, and he set up fifteen shelters and was evacuated from a village.

He added that the hurricane’s eye would “move near the coast of Mexico for the next few hours” and “move parallel to the coast of Mexico” before continuing through the Gulf of California.

The NHC did not rule it out Nora Can move inward and change direction.

One week ago, Mexico was hit by a hurricane Mercy, Which crossed the coast as a Type 3 hurricane in Veracruz (East). Mercy Eleven people were killed in this state and in Puebla (center). Damage has been reported in the center and east of the country, with torn roofs, damaged roads and power cuts.

Mercy Struck Mexico twice, for the first time on the Caribbean coast without any casualties or major damage; Then two days later, it turned into a “big” Type 3 hurricane, weakening on Sunday and blowing at 205km / h in the state of Veracruz before moving towards the Pacific.

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