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Have you ever thought that the battery life of your smartphone has deteriorated recently? If you continue to use the same smartphone for many years, it feels like your battery life will get worse.

MMT CompanyThan

By the way, according to a questionnaire conducted by research firm MMT, the most important thing for smartphones is “battery life”. This shows how important battery is in smartphones.

So, what is the point that does not worsen the battery performance when using the smartphone this time? I introduce it with the mechanism of battery decay.

“Heat” is the main cause of battery malfunction

Instantly, the biggest enemy of lithium ion batteries used primarily in smartphonesHotThere is.

Institute of Material Systems ScienceThan

In lithium-ion batteries, granite (a negative layer of carbon) is applied to the anode (the negative electrode), and when this anode heats up, it reacts with lithium ions to form a dynamic film on the surface, which reduces the potential for movable lithium ions. It is a chemical reaction, so the higher the temperature, the easier it will be. Therefore, lithium ion batteries will deteriorate if the temperature is constantly high.

Journal of Power Sources, 256, 110-124.Than

The most efficient temperature range for lithium ion batteries is 10-40 C. Battery cycle performance is said to begin to decline when the temperature exceeds 40 C, and worsens when the temperature exceeds 50 C.

Degenerative Behavior Study of JST Lithium Ion BatteriesThan

The image above is a test conducted by the Japan Institute of Science and Technology and shows the results of leaving the lithium ion battery at 50% charge. The degradation was small at 25 செல் C and 40 C, but significantly worse at 60 C.

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Batteries deteriorate when the charge rate is high

Furthermore, since the cause of battery decay is the reaction between the graphite and lithium ions in the anode, the anode is filled with lithium ions, i.e.Deterioration is likely to occur when fully chargedThere is a trend.

Degenerative Behavior Study of JST Lithium Ion BatteriesTest at 50 C

As before, lithium-ion batteries are likely to deteriorate when the charging rate is high, according to tests conducted by the Japan Institute of Science and Technology. Especially when fully charged (SOC 100% in the picture), the rate of degradation is very fast.

The reason why the charging speed of many smartphones is reduced from 80% to 90% is to prevent heat generation when the charging rate is high. It was well thought out.

Specific ways to extend battery life


Based on the above, lithium ion batteriesIt is important to prevent overheating and should not continue when fully chargedYou can see it. In particular, it is necessary to be careful about heat production when charging, which is a double attack.

For example,

  • Perform heavy loads such as watching videos / 3D games while charging your smartphone

  • Enable navigation while charging the smartphone and place it on the hot dashboard in the car

This causes a very painful condition and degradation of the battery.

To prevent your smartphone’s battery from deteriorating, do not use it in high temperature environments such as direct sunlight or midday baths, and do not use your smartphone as much as possible when charging, especially when it reaches 80% or more (except for heavy games)!), Charging the battery in hot environments It is useful to take measures such as not doing, and storing in an environment of about 25 ° C with a charging rate of about 50% when not in use. For a long time.

Please note that these actions prevent deterioration and do not improve battery life.


Also, if it is an iPhone, the battery charge is optimal depending on the charge of 80% or more. Battery When using the game For example, each manufacturer has its own battery protection systems, i.e. Sharp’s intelligent charging, which delivers power directly to the main unit when it reaches 90% or more. These are effective ways to prevent battery damage, so please use them.

* This article is about lithium ion batteries installed in smartphones, personal computers, electric vehicles, etc. Please note that the nickel-metal hydride batteries used for rechargeable batteries are different from the lead-acid batteries used for public cars.

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