Food shows its economic patriotism

Just like us, stay in France. This summer, Benedict has winked at consumers to relaunch its brand. At stations, the mayonnaise manufacturer shows its new credo on a blue-white-red background. It specifically involves the replacement of oil and eggs, which are its main products, until then imported for financial reasons. Eggs from free-range chickens, it goes without saying. “Consumers are looking for substance and transparency,” explains Klose Cruz, marketing director for the American Kraft Hines brand. However, Benedict has been located in the north of Seklin for more than a century. “Of its 30 million jars sold each year, one tricolor now contains the words” French House 1907 “.

According to a recent survey by YouGov for the LSA, 88% of French people wonder where to produce a food item before purchasing it. In supermarkets, we see these cockatoos blooming that promise to the consumer. If it is not economic patriotism. Leclerc also introduces a Kokoriko with French sugar for his new cola made in Solat. “It proudly wears blue-white-red because we wanted to mark the evolution of its mix,” explains director Fabrice Hersent.

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