Covit-19: The other three members of the Titan side (NFL)

Covit-19: The other three members of the Titan side (NFL)

Nashville-Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Wrapel will miss his last season game, a week after a positive test for Covid-19, with the other two coaches and one player following the protocol. NFL related to Covid 19.

The Titans announced Saturday that special teams coach Craig Ackerman, who missed a few procedures due to protocol, will return to Saturday’s game against the Chicago Bears. Receivers coach Rob Moore and assistant attack line coach Jason Houtling will miss the game for the same reason.

Catcher Racie McMahon’s name was added to the team’s COVID-19 list on Saturday. Seven Titans players are currently sidelined for this reason and he is the 12th player or coach since Vrabel tested positive on the weekend due to the Covit-19 protocol.

Defensive lineman Anthony Rush’s name was removed from Friday’s list. A name may be placed on the list if the person has tested positive for COVID-19 or has been in close contact with the victim.

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