Brief MLP: Gregory Polanko’s decision to shoot James Karinchak in Pittsburgh in AAA

Brief MLP: Gregory Polanko's decision to shoot James Karinchak in Pittsburgh in AAA

James Karinchak was sent back to the AAA

He will regain his confidence and at the same time make room for Bobby Bradley.

Joey Votto has never had so much fun

His red players are in good shape to take part in the playoffs.

Brett Phillips brings special energy to the rays

He is definitely one of the best people in the MLB.

Options for Jays on September 1st

A guy like Nate Pearson could be called back at that point.

One year after Chadwick Bosman died

He gave a great performance as Jackie Robinson in the film 42.

End of Gregory Polanko in Pittsburgh

He will take place with the DFA and Cole Tucker Pirates.

The Tigers are playing the best baseball in 2021

AJ Hinch does a great job with his band.

The Mets record is not brilliant

Teams like the Tigers, Angels, Indians and Jays have better records than the New Yorkers.

Forget Felix

Publications: 250

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