A Warrior Clay Thomson Heats Up Fans!

Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson hilarious on the NBA Warriors bench

San Francisco Chronicle (TR)

When he returns for the season, Clay Thompson continues his rehab. The back works well, at least if you trust a warrior. What a thrill for fans who can’t wait to find their shooter.

With two major injuries in a row, Clay Thompson spent time in hospital for treatment. But the end of the tunnel is soon for the player to return during this training. It should be looked at when medical staff do not want to rush anything. The bad news in all of this is that you have to be patient to see the shooter again, Even if we wait for 2022 in the worst case scenario.

One thing is for sure, Clay is doing better and better. His rehab and his intensive training continue. Ambition? When maintaining a form during shooting, regain all your movement. We assure you, this is demonstrated by the latest video.

Kevin Durant has already responded to that By releasing the most awesome auto troll, But fans will like Tubs Rookie’s comments. Rarely arrived, Moses Moody is very happy to be around Thompson, and he was particularly impressed. He spoke to NBC Sports Bay.

He’s really different when you meet him in person, because it’s the first time for me. To see him again in the shoot, to do it that way … I saw him shoot for 20 minutes and he didn’t touch the circle often.

What excites fans who are already eager to find Clay. However there is no question of taking the slightest risk, so it is important to be patient for the future.

Clay Thompson is good, it’s not the Warriors rookie, he’s going to contradict us. Everyone hopes that the shooter will act soon, however it will not be for a few months.

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