A large white shark walks towards a person on a paddle board, a fisherman filming the scene

A large white shark walks towards a person on a paddle board, a fisherman filming the scene

Spectacular meeting as always. Reported by Daily Mail Australia, An Australian fisherman was able to take a very close picture Large white shark three meters long, Sunday, August 22, at Shoal Bay in the southeast of the country. The shark even went towards a man on a paddle board, Triggers a sudden warning from the fisherman.

Larry Depono has been fishing in the area for 45 years. So to impress her, you can say you need to get up early. As he was fishing quietly in his boat, a tall white shark approached his boat. The person deleted the scene and posted the pictures on Facebook.

“Notice buddy, there’s a big white man over there!”

In the first video, we can create the sound of water against the skin of a shark. Larry Depono can’t see the words in his face of what’s going on before his eyes, he’s simply satisfied “Aha!”.

The second video shared by the fisherman is less of a smile. We always see there The shark boat is approaching Of Larry, before he left Towards someone who paddle board training.

“Look dude, there’s a big white one!”, Then starts the fisherman.

Not threatened

As he tells the Daily Mail, the cricketer initially thought it was a joke of Larry. The latter recalled that this was a simple warning. True, The man said he had no threats.

In fact, we remind you in every article on this subject, Shark attacks Very rarely. In terms of dataInternational Shark Attack File (ISAF)By 2020, only 129 suspected attacks have been recorded worldwide.

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