The Afghan athletes were expelled from Kabul to Australia by FIFPro

LA FIFPro a organisé une évacuation d

The International Football Confederation (IFC) has taken steps to expel its sportspersons.

In a press release Published on its website, The Federation of International Professional Football Associations, commonly known by the acronym FIFPRO, announced on Tuesday the expulsion of Afghan footballers and athletes, for a total of 75. “These young women, as athletes and enthusiasts, have put themselves at risk, and on behalf of their colleagues around the world, we thank the international community for helping them.Significantly associated with the company.

Afghanistan national team captain Kalida Bhopal also spoke:The last few days have been very stressful, but today we have achieved a significant success. The footballers were brave and strong during the crisis and we hope they will live a better life outside of Afghanistan. But there is still a lot of work to be done. Women’s football is about making sure a family and everyone is safe.

The expulsion of not only footballers but also athletes from other disciplines from Australia was implemented, which led to the issuance of visas and the early asylum of these Afghan women. FIFPRO General Secretary Jonas Bear-Hoffman was delighted “This team of footballers and athletes was able to leave Afghanistan, but their thoughts are with everyone who is trapped in the country against their will.”

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