Siloviki visits Lindemann, leader of the Rammstein group in Russia – Media / Gordon

Siloviki visits Lindemann, leader of the Rammstein group in Russia - Media / Gordon

According to an Interfax source, the security officers’ test “was carried out within the framework of the report.” Lindeman was in the room at the time.

Telegram channels published the photos, which were indirectly taken by eyewitnesses. They show Lindemann, a police officer and several men surrounded in civilian clothes.

According to Pasha, a Rammstein representative started a confrontation with security forces and was arrested.

The latter source “Interfox” It is reported that the security forces have issued an order to “prevent violations of” ancient “practices in connection with the preparation of Lindemann’s speech in the Tver region.


On August 29, Rammstein plans to hold a rally at McLaren’s party in support of Rodina’s leader. It says On the event website.

In addition, Lindemann wants to perform at the Spaskaya Tower Festival in Red Square in Moscow from August 27 to September 5, the company said. Toss.

In May 2021, Andrei Borovikov, the coordinator of the headquarters of the Russian opposition Alexei Navalny, was sentenced in Russia. 2.5 years in a general rule colony For a replay of the group’s video Rammstein. He was convicted of “distributing pornography on the Internet.”

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