Live – Covid 19: Strengthening restrictions on flights of “bad students”

Live - Govt-19: Strengthening restrictions on flights of "bad students"


The delta variant is in the form of a recent increase in the number of contaminants that are “twice as contagious as the historical strain”, but the vaccine makes it possible to be admitted to the hospital by preserving severe forms of Covid-19, explained Director Yastan Yastanbana of ANRS-Emerging Disease Agency, Scientific Council and France Information Pichat Head of the Infectious Diseases Department of the Hospital.

According to him, the health pass, screening and increased vaccination “can probably participate in the decline seen for ten days”. The vaccine “has protected us so much”, he stressed in particular. “The risk of vaccine side effects” decreases over time: “The risks are much lower compared to the benefits of the vaccine,” he added.

The vaccine helps to avoid the “severe form”, “high retained efficacy”, “almost 90%”, despite the lack of protection against delta. On the other hand, protection against infection is declining: one person is vaccinated but the victim protects 50% of another person, he argued, “which is not bad.” RNA vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna are very effective.

“We must continue to respect and continue to test the many barriers,” he said. As for the pay trials, “we have to be careful,” he warned, estimating that “reactions” would happen in this case, but “there are many subtleties,” he said. There will be comfort tests. “We have almost 90% of unvaccinated patients in the intensive care unit,” Yastan Yastanpana said.

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