LeBron James et Kevin Love aux Lakers ?

Kevin Love in Lockers, over a certain time ?!

With the future of Kevin Love in Cannes still uncertain, the big man is one of the most serious candidates to buy in the coming weeks or months. A goal that makes sense? Lockers and so on after these Friday events.

Despite being 32 and in charge of a serious injury, Kevin Love is as valuable as 20 or 25 minutes in the evening as a player like Blake Griffin. The last survivor of the 2016 Cavs Championship did not hide his desire to be on a team that plays the big man title. Good thing: the last elements go in this direction.

This Friday, Cleveland will host Larry Morgan 3-team trading involving bulls and blazers. Finn apparently has a profile similar to love, and after this move Kay’s “young center” will always be able to continue their path without Kay-Love.

Ex-wolves are not obvious in the plan, especially if there is no head. In recent years, he has stood out especially during a few conflicting episodes with the young team, and he has shown no interest in ground shots. His preference is clear: aiming for the title, there is nothing better than lockers to achieve it.

Love can be found there LeBron James, His close friend will be glad to see him under the same colors. To achieve this, a situation that is very credible, abandons the purchase. In short, a win-win situation.

On the networks, however, Lockers fans already see themselves there, and those kinds of tweets do not fail to thrive:

How Kevin Love lands at Lakers training camp

Nothing is official or immediate at this time, but after a decade of joint work at UCLA, Kevin Love at the Lakers seems to be lining up the stars to join his friend Russell Westbrook. LeBron James would not say no for sure, it sure did!

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