In the face of global warming, the roofs of future homes in this city should be clear

In the face of global warming, the roofs of future homes in this city should be clear

On Australia, Wilton City has decided to set new rules to deal with the consequences
Global warming. As indicated by the Government of New South Wales, a new “Development Control Plan” (DCP) parallel to our local urban plan is due to be finalized in the second half of 2021.
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Operations include supplying water heaters via solar panels, installing a passive cooling system, or installing an alternative energy source.

Paint the roofs light

But it also draws attention as a rule about the color of the roof above all else. In fact, the city prefers new house constructions to have white or light colored roofs “where possible”. This makes it possible to better reflect sunlight, thus controlling the heat of the building. Air conditioning can be used sparingly, PFM TV explains.

In addition, the text provides for planting several trees, which will bring more freshness in the event of extreme heat, with temperatures rising above 50 degrees this summer. The municipality expects these new rules to initially apply to an environment that can accommodate 9,000 new homes.

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