Dust, better? | Duty

Dust, better?  |  Duty

Under the soil, find happiness

Historia’s only new original series to air this fall is here and a little bit of history, unlike many shows that have been airing over the years, borrowing a few “folds” from this program that focus on bargaining, backup and bigger machines … Lost in the soilWe follow two Quebec antique sellers who have been together for the past fifteen years, discovering the potential for resale value or collectors to fall in love with the stuff they have in history.

Paul Harvey and Armond Sellard go to collectors for their own pleasure or to sell them, find and receive treasures, sometimes dusty and irregular, ready to open the doors of their surroundings. Partners, firstly the negotiator, and secondly, those who are well versed in the historical content of the objects and the means of re-valuing them, try to get their hands on some pieces worthy of the alternative.

The series focuses on exploring collections and antique bargaining games, gaining interest in random sections dedicated to the history of desirable items. The first episode, with the collector of fire trucks, is a bit disappointing in this regard. But the second, draws a spectacular portrait of the history recorded in Quebec, we hope the rest of the series will satisfy the curiosity of those who love history, small and large.

Lost in the soil
History, Tuesday, 9 p.m.

A lot of dust is being raised on the new product featuring storage guru Mary Condo. After making a crowd of visitors clean their closets Sequence of things, The Queen of Material Minimalism and Practical Folds, helps chaotic and erratic families find happiness, using her method for entrepreneurs who want to better combine professional and personal success.

Those who loved the series that revealed her to the public (and did not shout much when she opened an online store selling all kinds of storage accessories) will undoubtedly find what they are looking for in these three episodes. Similarly, the home star offers some scary attempts at personal life. Others can happily pass …

Spark of joy, with Mary Kondo
Netflix, launches Tuesday

Dust the classics

The classics of children’s literature have the right to seduce a new generation into a new television career and make parents a little bit of a bitch. In the case Stockings 3DComplaints are very low. This new series of little blue men (and women) created by Pio in 1958 did not play very boldly, but it must be said that it was enough to mobilize young and old alike.

In addition to 3D animation, it is already in American cinema The Smurfs and the Lost Village, Giving the characters a small amount, this new Smarbian volume, produced by DuPont, offers a little less playful maneuvering on the geo-stereotypes of Pio’s successor and distracts them in a beautiful way. So, in the first episodes, let’s look at Smurfette as his nose beef Beat Smurf and martial arts teacher. Otherwise, older children who were shocked by the television version of the 80s from the Hannah-Barbera studio would not be so distracted …

Les Schtroumpfs 3D
Télé-Québec, Saturday and Sunday, 9 p.m.

New musical reinterpretation of Peralt’s story Cinderella, We can no longer count modern versions or not, will undoubtedly appeal to the younger ones, letting their adults on the floor. At least the available short clips of this music film written and directed by Kay Cannon suggest just that (Pitch Perfect, InhibitorsWith today’s professional ambitions, a vintage tells the story of Cinderella.

Pop singer Camila Capello plays a princess for her cinematic baptism, yet in the service of her evil stepmother – Elsa’s voice Snow Queen, Idina Menzel -, believes she wants to be a successful fashion designer. Prince Charming, who believes his royal parents (Pierce Brosnan and Minnie Driver) can “fit” during a ball, is still on the scene, like the fairy godmother, here gender-neutral under the good services of the shiny Billy. Porter (Poses), Whatever her ambition, she is ready to make her defense shine. Fans of the classic Disney cartoon can’t thank you for the visual approval for the Canon-installed version, which has now been slightly redone.

Prime Video, starting September 3rd

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