Vaccine: There is no significant difference in the global mortality curve from COVID-19 in France

Vaccine: There is no significant difference in the global mortality curve from COVID-19 in France

Kovit-19: The fifth wave has now arrived in Japan.

Saturated hospitals, pollution … Japan engulfed by the fifth wave of Covid 19.

The land of the rising sun is preceded by the Kovit-19 wave caused by the delta variation from the Olympics at the end of July. As the Paralympic Games begin on Tuesday, the situation continues to worsen.

The Tokyo Paralympic Games begin on Tuesday, August 24, but it is the Covid 19. In fact, the fifth wave is in the process of drowning Japan, which has been strong since the outbreak began.

In recent days, the number of new daily cases has risen to more than 20,000, including a record 25,000 new contaminants on August 20, according to the CovidTracker site. And for the twelfth day in a row, the number of critically ill patients reached a record high on Monday, 1935. The delta type fault, now represents 80% of the pollution in the country.

Problem: Hospitals are on the verge of breaking. Public companies only care about people affected by Covid 19 disease because the majority of private companies (i.e. 80% of Japanese hospitals) refuse to do so, explains Le Monde daily.

In Liberation, a Tokyo newspaper reporter warned: Of the 3,927 requests for emergency transport to the hospital for Covid 19 patients between August 2 and 15 in Tokyo, 2,373 were denied due to lack of space, or 60% of the requests. He added that 12,000 people were waiting for medical beds in the capital alone. The Prime Minister had to ask the most vulnerable patients to stay at home and isolate themselves so as not to prevent emergencies.

In the face of this health disorder, steps were taken to prevent the spread of the disease. In early August, six departments, including Tokyo, were put under emergency, with outdoor evacuation limits encouraging bars and restaurants to close or work from 8pm. Since August 20, the other seven departments have experienced the same fate, at least until September 12.

On Tuesday, the government reportedly considered extending the restrictions to eight other provinces, according to Japanese news agency Kyoto News. In addition to the emergency, 16 departments are in an emergency, and four departments could join them, according to Kyoto News.

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