Two evenings you should pay full attention to Thursday!

Two evenings you should pay full attention to Thursday!

On August 29 and September 5, 2021, Jupiter reveals itself in its best light. By observing a telescope or a telescope on these two dates, two of its satellites appear in front of its cloudy surface, followed by its shadow, while the Great Red Spot appears.

One of the most beautiful systems of Jupiter’s satellites for this 2021 protest takes place on August 29th. At 9:43 pm UT (11:43 pm French legal time), Disk begins to walk across the planet Ganymede from the shadow of Jupiter. Europe is already well established on the front of Jupiter and is already casting its shadow over its clouds.

As Europe exits the front of Jupiter at 10:47 pm, a large shadow of the galaxy settles on the opposite side.

At this point, the shadow of Europe is still visible and visible up to 11:17 UT.

These high contrast shades are visible even on a small 60mm diameter instrument at 100x magnification. Using telescopes 200 mm and larger, the apparent size of the satellites is noticeable. With telescopes of 250 to 300 mm, it is possible to see the nuances even on very different satellites such as Ganymede and Io. In Europe, this is very difficult.

We also use that evening time to be the Great Red Spot, which crosses the planet’s central meridian at 22:35 UT. Some satellites are sometimes prudent when going in front of the planet, but this is not the case with GoneMite. It stands out well because its surface is dark.

Capture session on September 5th

If the weather does not cooperate with this observation, return to September 5th. That evening, 10:09 PM UT, Europe begins to cross Thursday. 22:59 At UT, it’s his shadow pattern. This event is classic. Note, however, that the Great Red Spot is under the shadow of Europe. The film starts off at 11:38 pm with a very interesting GMT film. Io emerges from the shadow of Jupiter, a short distance from Canmeid, approaching the vast planet.

The two satellites simply intersect at 5 “23:54 UT. The highlight of the event takes place on September 6, at 1 p.m.

Europe emerges in the element of Jupiter when Canmeet enters from the other side. Two satellites form in a moment like two small ears to a large planet. At 1h52 UT, the shadow of Europe leaves Jupiter and the shadow of the galaxy arrives at 2:41 UT. But Jupiter is already too low to be seen in good condition. Both of these encounters are very beautiful for visitors located in Europe.

The big crowd has passed … August 15

Spectators located on the most eastern longitudes still benefited from the spectacular structure. On August 15, 2021, they were able to simultaneously cross Ganymede and Europe ahead of Jupiter, noting the addition of Callisto and Io in the first image of the first series with the first eclipse of the second. It is very rare to see four satellites thus orbited around the planet. Philippine amateur Christopher Coe took a series of incredible photos at the event.

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