Shock shoots an All-Star: “Never mention his name”

NBA Shaq dégomme LBJ et les Lakers

A staunch spectator of the big league, Shaquille O’Neal does not hesitate to show money when evaluating a player. He did it a long time ago, about the future superstar of the West … and we can say that the big cactus has not retreated!

Seasons pass, and Donovan Mitchell Constantly showing off his crazy scoring skills. Despite his team being knocked out in the second round against the Clippers, the Utah full-back was particularly successful last season. That didn’t stop the Double All-Star from signing over 32 points in the ten games they played, 4 rebounds and 4 assists!

Not surprisingly, some viewers have already seen a much better future for the NBA. Nevertheless, some say there are still some exceptions, especially against n ° 45 Shaquille O’Neill. Guest Full sending podcast, Big Diesel did not please the person involved, he recalled that there are still a lot of steps to climb:

I once told you about Donovan Mitchell and everyone started criticizing me. But try to listen to what I have to say. I mean, I played with Penny Hardway, Kobe Bryant, D-Wade, LeBron James, Steve Nash. If you are not at that level, I have no idea what magnificence is.

He’s a good player, he’s on the right track. But trying to crown him as the future boss of the league … and people said he was in 50th, 60th, 70th place. I answer: “I do not know where you come from, but being 50 is unacceptable to me”. If he is not number one or number two, never mention his name.

Sheikh says this is not the first time he has criticized Spida so much. He seems to have a “connection” with Jazz, Because he wanted to attack Rudy Cobert in the pastHowever, these types of outings are generally designed to motivate the players involved so that they can constantly improve their approach to the game.

In progress, Mitchell really has a lot to do. Not always very concerned with security, he can be annoyed by questionable choices in attack (only 43.8% shooting success in 2020-21). It is very damaging because it shoots almost 37% behind the curve. So he needs to learn to choose his scenes better. Working on it can be important in tight games, especially in the playoffs.

As usual, O’Neill doesn’t clear his words at Shock, and Donovan Mitchell’s ears ring. Charge Jasmine to lie in the Hall of Fame next season!

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