Rugby – Rugby Championship – Australia – New Zealand match postponed to September 5

Rugby - Rugby Championship - Australia - New Zealand match postponed to September 5

La Sansar, the organizers of the Rugby Championship, announced that the match between Australia and New Zealand on Friday was scheduled to start on Saturday and finally take place on September 5th. Rugby Championship Two, between Australia and New Zealand, was originally scheduled for Saturday, but was postponed until the All Blacks’ retirement, finally rescheduled for September 5. The fight between the Wallabies and the All Blacks is the third and final match of the Pledislow Cup, a valuable annual tournament between the two countries already purchased in New Zealand. The other eight matches of the Rugby Championship are all scheduled in the state of Queensland.

Sansar, the organizer of the match,’s statement puts an end to the chaos caused by All Blacks just before the second day. Concerns about Kovit-19 are expected to face Perth Walapis on August 28, with Ian Foster’s players not coming into the match, worried about the uncertainty at the forefront of the Kovit epidemic. They had announced that they would stop participating in the Rugby Championship, Provoking the anger of the Australians and was reported by the press about the end of all the Blocks. Dave Rennie, Australia coach “There are many factors that motivate us, and the score of the last match is important” Wallabies coach Dave Rennie said to himself “Crazy with anger”, But on Sept. 5 he assured that it was not this feeling that motivated his players. “There are a lot of factors that motivate us, and the important one is the score of the last match.”, Won 57 to 22 by All Blocks, Rennie promised on Friday. “We really respect all blacks and we’re glad to have another chance to challenge them.”, New Zealand continued. Read more All Rugby News

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