Operation Tommy John: Nova Cindergart is making good progress

Nova Cindergarten herself can’t be seen leaving the Mets

Nearly two years ago, Nova Sinterkard played his last game (to date) in major league baseball. Mets Gunner then underwent Tommy John type surgery, which keeps him sidelined.

It was far away. After all, the Mets pitcher suffered a setback in his rehab in May, which delayed his subsequent starts in the minors by more than three months.

But there he is again on the mound. Last night, during a work round, the pitcher made some shots.

Also note that he is not 100%, he can not start bald. It is satisfied with the rapid and gear changes in 2021, so … And his own manager did not know.

But in the meanwhile, he should stop thinking only about his rehab process and think about his next contract.

Clearly, the one who ends the year as a reliever will not have to evaluate his performance in 2021 to sign his next contract. He will be into what he can bring to a club when he is well.

Is this club Mets? After all, even though Jacob de Chrome’s contract is due to be restructured within a year under its exit section after the 2022 campaign, the Mets have the money to sign two stars. And for a club that makes its mark, it makes sense.

For his part, the main interested party did not say he wanted to leave. He wants to continue his career with the New York Mets, confirmed at a press conference.

If he really wants to be, if the Mets pay him a fair salary, I don’t see him leaving. The former Blue Jays draft pick has always been a good fit for the Mets in the Majors, and he’s good at it.

It remains to be seen whether it will be done without liking.

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