In London, thousands of destructive rebels begin a two-week operation

In London, thousands of destructive rebels begin a two-week operation

Thousands of environmental activists Destructive rebel group (XR) gathered in central London on Monday and Tuesday and launched two weeks of large-scale protests calling on governments to act “urgently” on climate change. Armed with flags or cards with slogans such as “Planet before profit”, they gathered in Trafalgar Square in the center of the capital, where the marching band and speeches were planned. Surveillance by a large police force, some blocked the streets leading to the square, while others erected a gigantic pink table in which a banner called not only leaders but also citizens to “sit at the table” in talks to save the planet. Since the movement began, London Police have already announced 62 arrests on Tuesday.

“As floods, fires and famine erupt around the world, climate change is already here and it is clear that we need to act urgently,” the movement said in a statement, “the biggest ‘crisis of our time’ for all.” Some participants brought their own pink chair or desk. “Invite people across the city to talk about climate and environmental emergencies,” says the Destructive Rebellion. In 2019, the movement used the same mode of operation in Paris.

Civil non-cooperation

Created in the UK in 2018, the activist network uses public disobedience to highlight the government’s inaction on climate change. The march marks the start of two weeks of planned activities, demonstrations, conferences and training sessions in the English capital. Protesters are particularly demanding that the British government stop all investment in fossil fuels, while the United Kingdom is set to host the UN Climate Conference COP26 in Glasgow (Scotland) in November. Many environmentalists believe the meeting will be the last chance for world leaders to agree on radical policies to prevent further global warming, following a “severe warning” from the IPCC in early August.

According to the UN Climate Experts, the planet is expected to reach + 1.5 ° C ten years earlier than previously estimated for industrial use. In 2019, XR undertook a series of shock shocks in the UK and other parts of the world. After the raids within the financial center of London, the police arrested the struggles in the British capital and arrested 1,828 people in ten days.

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