Govt positive but refuses to isolate themselves, Australian police have set up a real hunt – video

Govt positive but refuses to isolate themselves, Australian police have set up a real hunt - video

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Kovit was positive and a young man who refused to isolate himself was finally caught by Australian authorities. Pictures of his arrest have been circulating in the media.

When there are daily infections in Sydney Created new records The Herald Sun reports that Anthony Garam’s run ended at the end of August. Declared the “enemy of public health n ° 1” by Australian police, the 27-year-old has so far refused to isolate himself when Kovit was positive.

The fugitive, who left after his infection was reported in mid-August, gave authorities the wrong address for his isolation. Police in New South Wales later released a photo and description of him and issued an arrest warrant for him.

He is dangerous not only to the community but also to himself because he is unwell. When we last saw him in his building, we could see that he was two, ”a police spokesman said.

The young man was finally arrested in an apartment on the outskirts of Sydney. The pictures of his arrest, which created a bad health system, have been touring on social networks. He can be seen handcuffed while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) including gloves, mask and visor. The officers who oversee it are also highly equipped.

At the time of his arrest, the Herald Sun reported that Anthony Karam had isolated himself. The young man had fled to escape “police harassment” by a relative of his from the Daily Mail Australia.

“When the symptoms started to appear, Anthony was checked, but he put his parents’ address in his Govt check because he knew how much the authorities could harass you when Kovid was there,” he explains day by day.

Defendant eventually appeared in Bangstown court but the case was adjourned. He is charged with half a dozen offenses, including self-isolation and non-compliance with wearing a mask.

Defendant was remanded in custody until his next hearing, and no request was made for his release on bail. He is scheduled to reappear on September 23.

Australia tests delta type

Relatively escaped in the early stages of the epidemic, Oceania countries have been experiencing a rise in cases since the advent of the delta variant. As of August 25, Sydney has registered 1,000 new daily cases. On the same day, New Zealand counted 50, from 75 spring daily pollution, recorded last spring.

In an effort to prevent the virus from spreading, there are restrictions Brought up to date In some regions. The cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra are particularly subject to it. But the withdrawal of restrictions led to protests. Major protests have rocked the country for weeks. There were occasional clashes with police, as happened in Melbourne on August 21.

According to some observers, this increase in cases in Australia and New Zealand indicates failure The “zero govt” strategy, Has been accepted by these two countries since the onset of the epidemic.

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