Elon Musk: “Jeff Bezos resigns to work full-time in lawsuits against SpaceX”

Илон Маск: «Джефф Безос ушел в отставку, чтобы работать на полный рабочий день над исками против SpaceX»

Elon Musk:

SpaceX founder Elon Musk has filed and tweeted lawsuits against rival Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos against his company.

This time, after a failed attempt to challenge the success of SpaceX in the U.S. Audit Office (GAO), Blue Origin – Jeff Bezos’ company did not talk about a deal with NASA SpaceX to create a lunar version of the recently suspended Starship. ), Sued in Federal Claims Court (COFC). The case will be decided before November 1 (all details of the conflict) You can learn from our previous products)

Now Bezos has apparently decided to open up a “second front” in the growing conflict with SpaceX, and has targeted the global Internet organization Starlink. Previously, the US Regulator allowed the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to place the next 2,814 Starling satellites in low orbit (550 km) below orbit (550 km), rejecting objections from Amazon and OneWeb – here we are Said More about this. Now Amazon has returned to the FCC with another objection to the regulator’s permission to launch second-generation Starling satellites.

Bezos resigned from full-time job and filed lawsuits against SpaceX …

Amazon’s complaint is not technically a lawsuit, but a written objection. Formally, this does not mean that SpaceX in Amazon is opposed to launching more Starling satellites – this requires more precision and uniqueness.

As of July, SpaceX Phase 1 is continuing to develop ground station infrastructure to provide connectivity to as many as one-third of the Starling satellites (more than 1,700 of them are in orbit). August 23 Elon Musk ReportThe number of terminals shipped exceeded 100 thousand. Currently, Starling is available as part of a beta test in 12 countries.

SpaceX has suspended the development of the Starling network because it expects to develop advanced versions with laser interconnects – These were launched at the beginning of the 10th year. In addition, earlier this month, SpaceX filed with the FCC Application, In which the details of the project for the Starling Gen 2 were revealed – the company expects to use the next generation ship Starship in the desired configuration. He, As expected, Would allow about 400 Starling satellites to orbit in one launch and provide the opportunity for Stalin to successfully expand the Internet to the Moon and Mars after colonization. The document states about placing 29 988 (!) Satellites at 9 different orbital heights. The satellites will be bigger, heavier and more powerful. In addition, it will allow Starship satellites to be placed in their orbit within weeks instead of months.

This is not the first time Elon Musk has criticized Jeff Bezos.

Elon Musk: “By the time campaigners and lawyers enter orbit, Bezos will already be on Pluto.”

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