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Open Your Eyes saison 2

Julka’s story is far from over! The sixth chapter ends with unbearable suspense, and our heroine faces a difficult dilemma. Open Your Eyes Season 2 may be released on Netflix Anyway, you have to be patient.

Open Eyes (Netflix) Season 2: Release Date, Shooting, Acting, Update …

The new Polish original creation will be one of the most watched series of the week. In the United States, almost all reviews are positive and Viewers want to open your eyes and watch Season 2.

Netflix has not yet ordered Zulka’s adventures to continue. Stay tuned for at least a month before the streaming site confirms If Season 2It takes several weeks to analyze the audience for a new series.

It would not be profitable if the American company thought so Create Temporada 2 that will open your eyes, It simply does not renew itself. To get an idea, you can follow the ranking of the most popular content in Spain (top 10) on Netflix.

If fiction matches the first third, there is a 90% chance that new episodes will come soon. From our side, we’ll keep track of your rankings in all the countries where Netflix has published this little copy, and we’ll be back to you soon for the first rating of Julka’s popularity.

How many episodes will your eyes open on Season 2 if you order the rest on Netflix?

Assuming that the streaming giant opens your eyes and orders Season 2, there will usually be six new episodes. It will be produced. Netflix is ​​very predictable when it comes to its original works because the number of episodes often does not change.

Will the Season 2 trailer be available soon?

First, the shooting of Season 2, which opens your eyes, is over Before waiting to see the trailer of the new game. Generally, Netflix releases the first trailer a month before the release date of its original works The trailer comes two weeks before the new game is live.

What is the release date for Open Your Eyes Season 2 on Netflix?

New episodes have not yet been ordered, so it is difficult to announce them. Season 2 release date that will open your eyes on NetflixThe streaming giant agrees to produce the sequel first (at least a month), then the writers have to write new episodes, and then the production teams can start planning. Season 2 shooting.

All of these steps are very time consuming and can take months to wait. Open your eyes on Netflix Season 2 release date is set for August 2022A year seems like a reasonable time to create extra season. I hope the health crisis does not call itself a settlement …

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